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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkIn World?

WorkIn World is an online platform bringing together consultants and the people who need them. We are a performance based global listing database specific to the consulting industry that will allow people to seek out the very best consultants from a variety of industries and hire with higher standards.

How Does It Work?

At WorkIn World, consultants will be able to create and manage their listing on the webpage that attracts ideal clients. Clients can use the  Find A Consultant feature to pick from a database of talented consultants. 

What If I’m A Client?

As a client, you will use our one-of-a kind Find A Consultant feature to search through our database to find a consultant that fits your needs. Once you’ve finished work with the consultant, leave an honest review of their work & performance, letting others know what they can expect from that consultant. It’s fast and free!

What If I’m A Consultant?

If you are already listed in the directory, the first thing to do is claim your listing. If you are not listed in the directory, what are you waiting for? Create your listing and manage your profile by adding your bio, skills, work experiences, and a profile picture to make your profile more attractive to potential clients. You can also invite past clients & consultants you’ve worked with to leave a review for you on WorkIn World. You will be able to find other high performing consultants to collaborate with. It’s a win-win for everyone!

How can I cancel my renewing listing?

In order to cancel your renewal, you must stop the subscription within PayPal following the step below.

1. Find the recent charge and click on it.

2. This will show you the transaction details. Click on “View Recurring Payment Details”.

3. You can now see that your subscription is currently active. Click “Cancel”.

4. It will ask you if you are sure, click “Cancel Plan” (keep in mind – you will need to reset up your subscription at WorkIn World Directory to reactive it).

5. Your subscription is now cancelled – look for the confirmation message!

What if I want to leave a review for a consultant not listed?

You can always invite a friend or colleague to join the WorkIn World Directory using this form. If a consultant is not listed and you would like to leave a review about a service experience, you can submit the consultant to the directory using this form.